7.2 Store language



Go to Store -> Store Language or use Ctrl+L shortcut.

This section allows you change default store language used by Store Manager into the other one (in case manage of multilingual store).

You can also download the necessary language  package for Store Manager for OpenCart. 

Choose Preferences’ -> Settings - >‘Localization’ section.


In Localizationform you’ll see the list of  available languages and percentage of their translation.

Press 'Activate Selected Language' button.

For example, in order to install French, you need to click on the
'Download' button.

If the  translation into this language isn't 100% completed, you’ll see a message about it. To confirm your consent press ‘Yes’.

When you’ve downloaded the language, press the Activate Selected Language’ button.

After these steps the language will be automatically changed to the selected one (in our case it’s French):

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