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How to upload images to OpenCart products?


When there emerges the need to upload images to OpenCart products, primarily, you have to make necessary settings and configure your FTP connection successfully. To check/input your settings go to Preferences section, 

select FTP tab. 

Image toolbar

Preferences can be called out also by pressing the F12 key. If you received such message, you have the opportunity to upload images via FTP connection.

There are 2 methods of uploading icons to products to your catalog:

1. 'Add from local drive' - if you would like to add images, that already present on your local drive of your computer, press this button. Indicate necessary one(s) from there and press 'OK'.

2. 'Add image from FTP' - having selected this option you can load images to your products directly from FTP. 'FTP Browser' will open, where you can find directory where images should be placed and indicate which ones you

need. Moreover, images management operations involve their bulk removal.

3. 'Delete images' - button allows you to dismiss previously chosen product images.

Image toolbar

In case you have multiple images to be appended to goods at your e-shop, there exists the massive method of performing the task. It is possible using import procedure. 

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