3. Products Management




This chapter describes how to manage products, OpenCart product descriptions, upload product images, or remove products, manage OpenCart options and much more.

Product management with Store Manager for OpenCart is very simple. You have all necessary tools for adding products and you have no limitation of their number, number of their categories and subcategories. 

In the product grid, you can see the basic information about your products: their name and model, the category to which they are assigned, status in the online store, price, quantity, and images.

Scrolling through the list of products you are able to view the pictures to them. For best viewing, enough to move the mouse cursor to the necessary image from the list and it will increase in size.

Image preview in Products page

The following topics of OpenCart product management are covered:

Products Section

In OpenCart products context menu or the top toolbar you can find the following options:

Products toolbar

1. Refresh data forces product list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.

2.   Add new product option option opens blank Edit Product form, which is used to create a new product. Please see below for options.

3.  To edit the product you can double-click on it or use "Edit product" button -.Edit selected product It shows edit product tab for the product you've selected. Please see below for options.

4.  You can Delete selected product from your store using corresponding options -.Delete product option Pay attention that you won't be able to undo delete from store option unless you've made a Database backup.

5. To Assign categories to multiple products at once, use the corresponding button  -.Assign categories button It allows you to assign new categories to one of the multiple products at once.

6. To un-assign items from the selected category press the button from the top toolbar -.Un-assign product from selected category

7.  Export products grid- option allows you to save data that you can see in the main grid into the file of different formats represents in the drop-down list.

Export grid option

8. TAdjust or automatically expand columns width use appropriate icons - Adjust and expand options

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