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1. Database Backup and Restore


Maintaining an OpenCart backup and restore of your database is not only a good practice but a real necessity. Backing up the database allows recovery either partially or totally in case of an operating system, software, 

hardware failure or human mistakes. These can damage or make the database inoperative and the data inaccessible.

Database backup and recovery wizard gives you the ability to configure possible database backup and restore scenarios:
  • Backup current store database
  • Restore over current backup
  • Backup multiple stores

Backup current store database

To make Database Backup enter Database Backup/Restore Wizard:
  1. Go to Tools -> Database Backup/Restore wizard:

    Database Restore Wizard

    Select "Backup current store database" and hit next to proceed.
    Backup current store database
    2. Specify any file name and directory for the backup.
                   Backup database file

You can save all shopping cart files and make exceptions if needed. Note, that you should have FTP connection established in order to download files. Also note, that it will slow down the process.
        3. Select tables you would like to backup. Most likely all tables will be checked, but you can check or uncheck any tables according to your needs. 

Dtabase tables

 4. There is also a possibility to save only database structure (tables with no data) in the .sql file. If you wish to select Copy Create Statements, such SQL statements will be saved in the backup file 

Options backup

Attention!  By clicking "Backup" button you're saving the script into the file selected before.

Backup button

    5. The last step shows you the backup file.

Finish backup

That's it. The backup is saved into the file specified above. Click finish to close the wizard.

Restore over current backup

In case you have previously saved database backup, you can restore it if needed. Follow few steps to restore an OpenCart backup over the current database:
  1. Go to Tools -> Database Backup/Restore wizard:
Restore database

Select "Restore over database" option and hit next to proceed.
2. Specify the backup file name and path to restore from.

Database backup file

    3. 'Default database script' option allows you to check the backup script. 

Database script

Force clear database before script execution allows you to clear default data from your store and to restore the backup.

Attention! By clicking "Next" button you're restoring the script over your current database. Please note, that you will not be able to undo the restore unless you've got a backup of your original database.

Options restore
You can save your current configuration and use it during the next restore procedure. Press the arrow near the 'Save Settings' button to be able to save these settings to the separate file  or just press the button 

'Save settings' and they will be saved in the restore wizard directly.

    4. The last step shows you the result. Here you can see if any error occurs while execution.
The restore is completed. Click finish to close the wizard.

Backup multiple stores

To make Database Backup for multiple stores simultaneously start Database Backup/Restore Wizard:

1. Select Backup Multiple Stores position.

Backup multiple stores

2. Specify any file name and directory for the backup. There you will see the databases you have. Check the ones for which you'd like to make backup: 

Select stores during backup

Attention! By clicking "Backup " button you're saving script files into the directory specified before.

3. On the next page, you're able to preview it and check results. Then click “Finish” to close the wizard.

That's it. The process is completed. Click finish to close the wizard.

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