2.1 Basic Operations


Take a note!

The illustrations represented in this chapter were taken from the latest version of Store Manager for OpenCart and may differ from the ones you can see from your side (it depends on the version of Store Manager you have)

In the categories section you can easy perform such operations by helping with top toolbar's options:
Categories toolbar

Use the context menu to open the list with possible categories operations:

Categories context menu

To refresh data of category section- click on the appropriate button -Refresh button

By pressing the add/edit buttons in the toolbar - Add and Edit button - you call the edit category's data form.

To remove selected category(ies) with all data from the category tree press 'Delete' button:

Delete option

To collapse/expand category tree helps the corresponding buttons -To expand / collapse category tree.

In order to export categories by using the Export Wizard feature launch the command from the top toolbar or context menu in Categories page:

Export data tool

Move to the following page to get detailed instruction about Export Categories Process